Ultimate Beauty Package

When booking three new procedures together you will benefit from a discounted package price. This would include Eyebrows, Basic Eyeliner, lip color. If you would like to add winged liner, mocosal eyeliner there will be an extra Charge. 


 The Ultimate Beauty Package          $1350 

 If you would like to add additional areas 

 Winged Eyeliner                                $200 

 Mucosal liner                                     $150        

Microbladed Eyebrows               

Microblading also known as 3-D, Feathered or Embroidery brow is a relatively method of permanent cosmetics. It is a very natural looking brow compared to a tattooed,hair stroke or shaded eyebrow.


 Microbladed Eyebrows       $550

This price includes your first touch up appointment in 6 to 8 weeks

Microbladed Eyebrow Refresher       12 to 18 months

Prices start at $150 to $275

Prices will vary depending on each individuals eyebrows at the time of there appointment

Shaded Eyebrows

For a Bold and Beautiful statement opt for the shaded eyebrow, you will have a brow that looks undeniably striking! 


Shaded Eyebrow                 $500

This price includes your touch up appointment in 6 to 8 weeks

The Combo Eyebrow

There are times clients would like a combination of the above techniques. When you come for your appointment we will discuss with you what you want to achieve and use our expertise to help you design the perfect eyebrows for you. This could included softtap,microblading ,shading...


A choice of either Upper Eyeliner, Lower Eyeliner or both Eye lids you will get lash Enhancement( in the lash line to give you the appearance of a thick full lash line) or a thicker more modern Eyeliner. We have a array of colors to choose from Black,Browns,Blues,Greens,Gray and more.

Basic Soft Upper and  Lower                                  $450

​Lash Enhancement  with Lower                            $450

Winged Eyeliner with Lower                                  $550

Basic Soft Upper or Lower                                      $300

Winged Upper only                                                 $450

All prices include your follow up appointment in 6 to 8 weeks

Permanent Lip Color

Permanent lip liner,blended lip liner with or without full lip color can be beautiful. Lip liner is great for correcting a asymmetrical lip line or creating a full sexy pout. We can also customize pigment to match your favorite lip color!

Full Lip Color                   $650

Lip Liner                            $450​​

All prices include your follow up appointment in 6 to 8 weeks

Please ask about our apprenticeship prices

Apprenticeship prices are student pricing, they have finish basic permanent cosmetics classes and are still in the learning process.


We are committed to create beautiful cosmetics to suit each of our clients needs.

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